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Amroc-Floor Boards

Indoor use:

With our ecological and 100% PEFC certified products, you can design your floors, walls, ceilings, and even furniture completely individually. There are no limits to the architectural designs that can be made.

Fire protection: All our products are non-combustible (building material class A2-s1,d0) according to EN13501-1, and have the approval from the German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBT) Z-9.1-285

Moisture protection: Amroc panels are moisture resistant

Hygiene: All products are resistant to fungi and all types of mold, as well as insect infestations

Noise protection: The standard version of the product already has excellent sound insulation levels due to its high density. In addition, we offer special acoustically treated versions of our products with different drilling grids

The ideal areas of application are schools and sports halls, public buildings, trade fair stands or exhibitions. It may be used in both renovations and new buildings, offering a wide range of possible applications.

In the case of ecological building materials with high levels moisture, such as wood, clay or natural fibres, a healthy indoor climate is created using panels. The same applies to our country-style products. In tests with a relative humidity of 65%, a sorption value of 5.67M% was achieved. This value is above that of masonry, natural stone, or even gypsum slabs. Our plates also have an equally high desorption value, guaranteeing a mould-free living space and residence.

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