On-site painting

  • Applying a paint coat on-site is generally possible. In addition to decorative considerations, a paint coat is also always applied for construction engineering reasons as a protective layer to prevent moisture absorption. Although AMROC panels are weather and rot resistant without a paint coat, it is a wood based material nonetheless. This causes minor dimensional changes to the length and width (swelling and contraction characteristics) as the ambient moisture levels change, or if the panel is directly exposed to water (for instance the facade). Please refer to the technical specifications for more information.

  • A properly applied paint coat reduces the swelling / contraction characteristics by containing the moisture absorption. Depending on the materials used, moisture absorption can even be largely eliminated. For this reason, the facade area, which is the area most exposed to the weather, should always be protected with an effective paint coat.

  • A single-sided paint coat results in uneven vapor diffusion between the front and back sides of the panel, causing the panel to warp. For this reason, the back side must be coated with the same effectiveness as the front side, thus allowing even vapor diffusion to occur. This requirement is mandatory particularly for rear ventilated facades, since the back side is exposed to ambient moisture.

  • Prior to applying the paint, the panels must be prevented from absorbing moisture by observing proper storage and processing procedures. If this is not done, easily water soluble constituents of the cured cement can leach to the surface with the subsequent evaporation of moisture as calcium carbonate, resulting in paint damage.

Note: Calcium stains and leaching cannot be ruled out if the paint coat is applied at the construction site! This does not constitute a quality defect.

Coating materials

  • AMROC panel has a pH-value of 11-13. Consequently, it is important to ensure that the coating materials to be applied are alkaline resistant.

  • It can be generally assumed that the coating materials are dictated by the requirements resulting from the application area. When designing a complete coating system, which consists of a primer, the intermediate layer and the finish coat, the individual components should be used from a single manufacturer, since these are optimized for their compatibility.
    Pointer:Light colors shades are a good recommendation for facades. Dark colors should be used sparingly.

  • We recommend the coating product from Caparol.
    Amphibolin E.L.F. universal application paint as the finish coatAmphibolin ELF
    Disbon 481 EP Uniprimer as a primer Disbon 481 EP Uniprimer

  • To achieve the diffusion equilibrium of the panel, the rear facing side must have two or three coats of primer applied. A single coat of primer is sufficient for the front facing side. Depending on the color shade, the finish needs a minimum of three coats.
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