Amroc cement bonded particle board

  • are versatile construction panels with a smooth, hard surface, which combine fire, acoustic and moisture protection requirements in one.

  • are produced from coniferous wood chips and Portland Cement in combination with mineralization agents and water. A special process mixes, distributes and compresses the material under high pressure. The product is cut to size after the curing and conditioning stages. Edge profiles, custom cuts, surface sanding and coatings can be performed to customer specifications.

  • do not contain formaldehyde, toxins or hazardous materials of any kind, and are resistant to rodents,mold and termites.

  • can be easily machined with carbide or diamond-tipped tooling (cutting, drilling, milling). The panels can be fastened with screws, nails, staples or adhesives.

  • can be used for new construction, modernization of old structures, industrial construction, commercial construction, for agricultural construction, modular construction and for prefabricated homes.

  • are weather and icing resistant, resistant to rot and animal waste and chemical cleaning agents in animal shelters.

  • are a great application for:
  • facade cladding
  • lumber framing
  • flooring
  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • partitions with load bearing structures
  • paneling for high humidity environments
  • fire protection structures
  • acoustic barrier structures
  • removable or lost concrete mold construction systems
  • sports arenas (impact resistance)


Standard product

Standard product

The Amroc-Panel is the standard product, from which all other products are derived.
cement bonded particle board composition

cement bonded particle board composition

Composition of the cement board Amroc-Panel (A2-s1,d0):
  • approx. 75% wood chips (100% PEFC)
  • approx. 23% special cement
  • approx. 10% water content contained in the wood chips
  • approx. 2% binder

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