Cement bonded particle board: AMROC-Rustical - Product description


Amroc-Rustical is fully imbued and only comes in a sanded version. It is used for decorative interior construction, for instance for walls, ceilings and flooring. Amroc-Rustical is available in charcoal grey, amber, neutral or brick red. Amroc-Rustical has the same technical specifications as the Amroc-Panel.

For wall and ceiling design applications on new construction, trade shows and exhibits, but also for remediation of existing construction, Amroc-Rustical offers an architecturally appealing, statically superior product with outstanding characteristics.

This provides for a broad spectrum of applications. Amroc-Rustical is also an excellent choice as a permanently exposed floor surface. For this application, the panels should be treated with an impact resistant clear-coating.

The rear-facing side should be coated in order to facilitate the vapor diffusion equilibrium. Alternatively, the panels can also be ordered from the factory with an impact resistant and additionally hardened surface. If the panels are ordered with a factory applied coating, a minimum order quantity of 50 units is required.

Note: Amroc-Rustical only comes in widths up to 1,100mm!

Minimum quantities by color: (for lengths of 3,200/2,600mm)

  • at 8mm – 63 pieces
  • at 10mm – 54 pieces
  • at 12mm – 48 pieces
  • at 14mm – 42 pieces
  • at 16mm – 38 pieces
  • at 18mm – 35 pieces
  • at 20mm – 32 pieces

Technical specifications - Shipping units and weights

Technical specifications - Shipping units and weights

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3D-Panel rustikal engl

3-D Product view AMROC-Rustikal

3-D Product view AMROC-Rustikal Tongue & Groove

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