Cement bonded particle board: AMROC-Acoustic - Product description


Demand for panels with superior visual appeal for interior and trade show construction has increased steadily in recent years. For these applications, we provide a factory perforated panel in four different standard versions. Products can be selected from 32 x 32 mm patterns with 8 or 10 mm holes and 16 x 16 mm patterns with 6 or 8 mm holes.

The product can be shipped in grey simulated concrete (unsanded), or as a ground and imbued panel in neutral, amber, brick red, or charcoal grey colors, and complies with the A2 fire protection code.

Upon request, all products are available with a factory applied clear coat. We recommend Capadur wood flooring varnish from Caparol for on-site coating applications.

Technical specifications - Shipping units and weights

Technical specifications - Shipping units and weights

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An overview of all documents relating to our products can be found at https://info.amroc.de

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