Fire, acoustic and moisture protection with
cement bonded particle boards

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You´ll find the certificate here in our download section.

AMROC-PANEL: The cement bonded particle board

».........these are versatile construction panels with a smooth, hard surface, which combine fire, acoustic, and moisture protection requirements in one.«

Due to the outstanding test results, AMROC Baustoffe GmbH was awarded the quality seal "Recommended by the Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH" for the cement bonded particle board "AMROC-PANEL".



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General Applications

Sheathing Panel For Frame Systems

Sheathing Panel For External Wall Insulation

Acoustic Floors, Roof And Ceilings

Partition Walls For Fire And Acoustic Performance

Internal Use External Use
FloorboardsDry Floor Screed Board   
Cement Board, Wall Cladding     
Accoustic Board
Facade PanelFacade board,
Facade Board DIY
Cement Bonded Particle Board 

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